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Even the most motivated team of workers won't do you much good if they don't have the right skills to meet your needs. Fortunately, with LBR, you'll never have to worry about insufficiently trained personnel. Every LBR staff member completes comprehensive, effective training programs at our state-of-the-art training center. Complete with simulated building areas for hands-on training and traditional classrooms, the center offers initial training orientation sessions, site-specific training, and regularly scheduled training and technology update courses.

Procedures, training schedules, training updates, and other training-related activities are created in-house. LBR's experienced Director of Training oversees, manages, and coordinates every training program.

LBR realizes that general procedural and safety training is not enough — which is why we provide specific job site training.LBR's Training Begins with Recruiting and Orientation
At LBR, no one, not even managers, are hired without first successfully completing our rigorous screening process. This process includes tele-recruiting, skills assessment procedures, and in-person interviews. After being hired, every LBR team member immediately begins the training orientation program provided by our recruiting offices. Orientation training includes detailed training in standardized methods and the proper sequencing of steps for every task. Based on each staff member's area of expertise and skill level, additional training may be completed in cleaning services, floor care, relocation procedures, or another specialty service. In addition to orientation and specialty training, 10 to 30 hours of OSHA training is included as part of the standard safety training that all employees must complete.

Career Advancement Opportunities
Through the training process, every LBR employee is evaluated for potential career advancement. This evaluation is done by a Registered Building Services Manager (RBSM) who also creates a Personal Improvement Plan (PIP) for each employee based on the orientation and training process. The PIP helps us determine how we can help our employees identify and strengthen areas that may need improvement. We are able to pinpoint areas like communication skills, leadership abilities, computer proficiency, and language skills. With this training and evaluating system in place, we provide valuable incentives by promoting from within the current organization.

Custom Training for Custom Solutions
LBR realizes that general procedural and safety training is not enough -- which is why we provide specific job site training for each member of our individual project teams. These training sessions are based on the unique procedures and safety measures at the facility where they are assigned. Site-specific training includes:

  • Facility rules and layout
  • Tailored procedural training, if different from LBR's standard training
  • The proper use of personal protective equipment
  • Hazardous communication standards
  • Materials use based on facility and job requirements
  • Many other standards specific to your facility

Advanced Training Tools
To make the training process effective, LBR utilizes a number of educational training tools, including video, hands-on demonstrations, graphic displays and presentations, and written testing. The simulated building environments provided at our central training center are particularly effective for hands-on demonstrations and practice sessions. These tools provide a range of learning methods, ensuring that every procedure is presented thoroughly and understood completely.

Continued Training and Latest Updates
No matter how complete the initial training, it's easy to forget important safety rules and procedural standards in the day-to-day workplace. At LBR, we realize that review sessions are essential for making sure that our staff remains constantly aware of specific work procedures and safety measures. We provide on-going training both through refresher courses and through our weekly Tool Box Meetings. During these meetings, we review procedures, address site-specific issues, and study a module from LBR's 52-Week Safety Training program. As part of the ongoing training provided at LBR, employees attend regularly scheduled sessions on the latest tools, equipment, techniques, and safety practices and trends.