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Who do you call for facility projects that don't fall under maintenance, relocation, or any other standard category?

Or, what if you have a staffing shortage in a specialized position?

Call LBR Facility Solutions! For projects from relamping to filter changing to bottle washing, we offer the skilled labor to get the job done. Pharmaceutical plants, food processing plants, printing companies, manufacturers, and many others rely on our skilled professionals for a variety of specialty jobs...and you can too.

Leave the Hiring to Us
LBR takes the burden and costs of hiring off your shoulders! We recruit, screen, and train professionals as well as provide benefits, general liability, worker's compensation, insurance, and accident reporting. We also provide timekeeping for all of our employees. All you do is set their schedules according to your needs.

LBR is committed to finding and retaining good personnel. Our recruiting department starts by screening individuals,then checking their skill and communication levels. We hire bright, enthusiastic individuals and keep them motivated with benefits, incentives, award programs, and career advancement opportunities. As a result, LBR professionals truly take pride in their work and are conscientious about quality.

Flexible Staffing
Specialty projects often require non-business hours. To accommodate you, LBR offers flexible hours and keeps in touch with you through a 24-hour paging system and hotline. We offer flexible staffing, value analysis programs, networking with your safety department to use best practices, and a customer service phone line.

LBR helps you weigh the costs of hiring against the cost of outsourcing, with a reliable value analysis report.Our Standard Procedures
Standard procedures help us to exceed your expectations on every project. We follow standard procedures for both setting up and performing each job. Setup includes: identifying the project's scope; establishing site-specific requirements; identifying safety requirements; creating a job description from which to assemble the right people; materials and equipment; recruiting; establishing customer reporting procedures; and follow-up. The purpose of all of these procedures is to assure quality and consistency for every project.

Tracking Personnel
LBR utilizes an automated personnel scheduling system to track attendance. If an LBR professional does not report to your site at the assigned time, the system alerts management. This system keeps absences to a minimum and fills any absences by drawing from a floater pool, if necessary. So you can always rest assured the job will get done.

Our formal training orientation program instructs individuals in a variety of specialty areas, and may be customized to meet your needs. Areas of specialty training can include grounds maintenance training, pilot plant maintenance training, construction cleanup training, and much more.

All employees receive thorough training in the use of personal protective equipment, hazardous communication, and the proper reporting of accidents and proper material use.

For more information, see our training section.

Quality and Safety Programs
We provide first-rate service with the support of our quality program, which includes checklists, audits, surveys, and the use of the 5S Approach. The 5S principles help us to apply standardization and organizational tools. We also assign a Client Development Manager to assess your goals, evaluate the services provided, obtain your feedback, and deal with any issues noted.

Our safety programs include safety training and a set of standard procedures designed to protect both our employees and yours. Our zero lost time and light duty policies contribute to one of the industry's best safety records. For complete information about our safety programs and procedures, see our safety section.

The Value of Outsourcing
LBR helps you weigh the cost of hiring against the cost of outsourcing with a reliable value analysis report. Request this report for your specialty project needs today.