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Quality Service. Quality Personnel. Quality Control for every job we do. That is LBR's commitment to you.

At LBR, quality control begins with setting Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that serve as guidelines for each task we perform. Along with Sops, we employ the strictest quality control programs available to ensure that we consistently deliver premium service.

This dedication to quality has earned us a reputation in the industry for having exceptional quality standards that meet -- and exceed -- customer expectations time and again. To further ensure our continued adherence to these standards, we base a proportion of our manager's annual incentives on the strict compliance to every SOP.

The following section provides an overview of our quality standards and procedures. It will give you an idea of the high standards that we set for ourselves so that we can pass quality service along to you.

LBR's High Quality Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
Standard Operating Procedures are a set of rules and guidelines that exist as a means of ensuring consistent quality on every job -- with no exceptions. Essentially, they are the guidebook that every LBR employee is required to follow on every job. Every one of LBR's procedures is based on our solutions-based management ideology, which is the foundation of our service programs.

Customer Service Tools are important to the successful implementation of our Sops because we believe that clear, ongoing communication is the key to a strong working relationship. The tools that we use as part of our SOP program include communications logs, cleaning notification cards, and much more.

Computerized Systems are the foundation of many of our Sops Among the tools that we currently use is a computerized scheduling, time keeping, and cost tracking system that monitors tasks, schedules, time and materials, and personnel allocations.

Automated Labor Tracking Systems are particularly useful to management, because they ensure that personnel are on the job and alert managers of any absences, allowing for timely replacements.

Quality Assurance Systems are made up of documents such as audits, customer surveys, and management reviews. These tools help us measure customers' satisfaction and perceived results versus actual results, allowing us to continually improve upon our service.

Partnership Meetings include customers from separate, but similar environments and industries. In these meetings, customers can share tips, experiences, and ideas on standard facility support topics.

By having these standard operating procedures in place for every job, LBR is truly able to deliver the quality control that we promise. In addition, these standards and guidelines allow us to constantly improve our process and increase our efficiency -- and that means outstanding service and increased savings for you.

Our SOP promise to you is quality — every job, every time.Exceptional Quality Control
You expect quality when you employ a professional services company. And quality is exactly what you'll get with LBR.

At LBR, we are constantly working towards an even better process. We do this by delivering high quality service at all times, while measuring our effectiveness through reviews and customer feedback. This allows us to strengthen our services and deliver customer satisfaction -- which is the number one goal of our business.

We use a number of quality assurance procedures and programs that are chosen based on the needs of an individual project. These procedures and programs include:

  • Formal Quality Inspections -- which involve graded periodic audits by Field Operations Managers and our Director of Client Development
  • Hot Spot Inspection -- daily reviews of critical areas
  • Customer/Key Contact Surveys -- allow clients and their employees to give an opinion of our service and rate our performance
  • "Green/Yellow/Red" Status Reports -- evaluate real versus perceived quality based on standard operating and facility-specific procedures. Results in green/yellow/red status with corresponding action items
  • Team Scheduling -- consists of a work order system that schedules contracted non-daily tasks, ensures completion of each task, and provides documentation
  • Standardized Work Area Organization -- requires that all equipment be categorized and labeled, and that all signage and barricades are displayed properly, ensuring efficiency and safety in every work area
  • The 5S Approach -- reinforces quality assurance by using 5S principles that help us minimize risks and maximize efficiency with the use of standardization and organization tools

For every project, a manager is assigned to oversee the job. The manager's duties include assessment of your goals and evaluation of the services that were actually provided. We assign a manager to handle each of your projects. The manager also receives your feedback and is always available to address any concerns, questions, or requests that you might have.

As an additional quality control measure, we employ a self-auditing system that helps us determine your satisfaction level. This is used along with a verification system that double-checks to make sure that all procedures are being carefully followed.

Every quality control measure that we take, every SOP that we set in place has one purpose -- to ensure that we deliver the highest quality service at all times. Our promise to you is quality -- every job, every time.