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There's a reason LBR has one of the best safety records in the industry. We don't stop improving our safe working practice, our safety training, or our zero lost time policy and light duty programs -- ever. We constantly strive to create the safest working environment for our workers and those around them.

Safety Training never stops at LBR Facility Solutions because you can never be too safe.Beginning with stringent safety programs, our employees are trained on every aspect of safety in the workplace. We cover the proper handling of equipment and chemicals, the requirements of OSHA, hazardous communication compliance, and much more.

Individual training programs are offered for every service we provide, including Cleaning, Contract Labor, Floor Coatings, Maintenance Painting, Relocation Services and Specialty Services. Each program follows strict procedures that will ensure the safest working area possible.

At LBR, we take safety very seriously. It is not an optional benefit -- it is a vital part of our business, and we do everything possible to provide a safe work environment for our employees.

A Dedication to Safety is our Commitment to You
Because safety is such an important part of our business practices at LBR, we have created an entire department dedicated to safety. For every service we provide, a safety manager is assigned to oversee the staff and makes sure that all safe practices are followed. The safety manager is also responsible for incorporating specific safety procedures required by your facility into the safety program, and is always available to address any special needs or concerns that you may have.

Strict Safety Procedures
All LBR personnel are required to follow standard safety procedures, with no exceptions. Strict adherence to this policy helps prevent unsafe working conditions, while encouraging quick, consistent action in the event of an unsafe condition or accident. To ensure the success of our safety policies, every manager and staff member at LBR completes training in the following:

Proper Use of Accident Reporting Procedures. All accidents must be reported. In the event of an accident, a manager is required to accompany the injured party to the hospital. The manager must also complete the accident report and deliver it to the Safety Department within 48 hours of the incident.

Safety Task Assignment Checklists. To be completed daily as a means of ensuring safe work practices.

Behavioral Observation Sheets. Documents that show weekly work behavior as monitored by management.

Field Activity Lists. Instructions for protecting or de-energizing your systems when workers are in close vicinity.

Hot Work Permits. Permits required prior to beginning any spark-producing process, such as sandblasting or grinding.

Confined Space/Tunnel Entry Procedures. Guidelines on which permits must be secured, and which special procedures must be followed for work in confined spaces.

Lead Testing. Lead notification forms must be completed any time the presence of lead is suspected.

Multi-Cause Analysis. An analysis must be completed by a manager in the event of any incident, even when it only involves minor first aid or a near miss. This process allows us to identify the cause of an accident and take preventative measures for the future.

Safety Audits. Audit forms must be filled out routinely.

Safe Practices. A list of strict safety practices that include:

  • Use of personal protective equipment including gloves, goggles, and safety shoes
  • Equipment Preventative Checklist
  • Proper labeling of all bottles
  • MSDS books
  • Use of Operations Safety Review Checklists by the safety manager, for rating such factors as equipment, storage areas, site manuals, personnel, and personal protective equipment

Comprehensive Safety Training
To reinforce our commitment to safety, LBR offers a state-of-the-art training center, featuring simulated building environments. Before beginning work at LBR, every staff member must complete comprehensive safety training at these facilities. After initial training, LBR employees receive periodical training sessions that include initial procedural training, specific job site training, and regularly scheduled updates on the latest innovations in tools, techniques and safety practices.

Training takes place in a classroom environment with video, hands-on demonstrations, graphic displays, and written testing. The main focus of these programs is to teach the proper method and sequence of every task performed on a job site.

For site-specific training, teaching focuses on proper protective equipment, hazardous communication standards, and proper handling and treatment of specific materials at your facility.

For more information, see our training section.

Continued Safety Education
Safety training never stops at LBR. Every week, our staff gathers for a Tool Box Meeting during which they review safety procedures, discuss site-specific concerns and questions, review required housekeeping tasks, and study in detail a module from LBR's 52-Week Safety Training Program.

Light Duty Ensures Safety and Efficiency
LBR doesn't sacrifice safety for any reason. But, we are also committed to keeping your project on-schedule. In the event that a worker is injured, we uphold our zero lost time policy by returning the injured worker to the job, but on a light duty program that remains in effect until a doctor says it is safe to do otherwise.