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When your facility is relocating, you need to consider everything from proper packing for damage and loss protection, to the setup of partitions in your new location.

Let LBR Facility Solutions handle it for you!

A Smooth, Systematic Move
With LBR, you can be sure your move will go smoothly due to our well-managed services and strictly followed procedures. With every relocation project, we manage and provide a team of professionals who are trained to pack, move, and install partitions, furniture, and many other items. We even provide framing, dry wall installation, door installation, trim work, and light millwork at your request.

We use standard operating procedures to promote orderly, trouble-free packing and moving. The procedures are followed by every member of the moving team. Our standard procedures include work schedules, a complete procedures manual, pre-move check-lists, site examinations, safety plans, and a quality assurance program.

Project Setup Standards
Each LBR relocation project starts with consistent setup standards. These standards help us to understand your needs and provide effective communications management for the duration of the project. Ultimately, they help reduce your costs, minimize downtime, and prevent problems.

Setup procedures include identifying the project's scope; conducting a pre-move survey; assessing needs through blueprints and working with site planners; securing the proper material; providing protection for required areas; determining site security needs; performing job walk-throughs; and self-auditing.

Qualified Moving Professionals
Our professionals are trained and experienced in relocation projects. They are familiar with your concerns, such as the importance of meeting your moving deadline and the careful handling of your valuable furniture and goods.

We prescreen all personnel, provide their training by certified installers, and keep them motivated with awards programs, benefits, incentives, and internal promotions based on performance.

At LBR, we place emphasis on organization and strict procedures to ensure quality in all of our relocation projects.Customer Services Designed Around You
Flexibility, availability, accountability: these are the qualities that make customer service work. At LBR, working around your schedule and maintaining communication with you at all times are built into our customer service philosophy, and it shows in our policies.

These policies include flexible hours (which include evenings and weekends), checklist systems, customer service phone and/or e-mail line, 24-hour paging, cellular phones, radio communication, and partnering meetings. We also network with your safety department to use best practices.

Assuring Quality
At LBR, we place emphasis on organization and strict procedures to ensure quality in all of our relocation projects. Our quality program includes:

  • Assigning a Client Development Manager to handle your project from start to finish
  • Utilizing self-auditing and verification systems to evaluate your satisfaction and to make sure that standard operating procedures are being followed
  • Utilizing 5S practices, which help us to apply standardization and organizational tools
  • Employing special procedures for leaving your original site in move-in condition

Safety Training
Our staff is thoroughly instructed in safety procedures through our top-rated training program and refresher sessions. All personnel must complete the orientation program at our state-of-the-art training center, which teaches safe practices, provides instruction in moving equipment, and instills safe work habits. Comprehensive instruction in the use of personal protective equipment, hazardous communication, and proper accident reporting is an essential part of the program.

Our training program also includes sessions that focus entirely on your facility's safety procedures. In addition, staff members also review training rules in our weekly Tool Box meetings, which are designed to revisit site procedures.

To learn more about our training and safety programs, see our training and safety sections.

Value Analysis
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