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When you are in charge of sourcing a painting supplier for your facility, you need to be sure that the supplier will provide quality and flexibility, while ensuring safety and economical cost. LBR meets all of these criteria!

Structured Procedures
LBR outshines others on quality because of our structured systems and self-management procedures. We follow consistent steps with every job so that quality is upheld, yet we modify them to accommodate the special requirements of each and every customer.

These structured procedures and systems include job schedules, job startup sheets, a procedures manual, safety practices, a field activity list, a quality assurance program, customer communication guidelines, and more.

Project Planning
At the outset of any painting project, LBR meets with you to discuss the scope of the project and determine your specific needs. We review your facility layout and features, assemble the necessary tools, go over safety requirements with you, and determine and plan for hazards. Your maintenance painting team uses this information to proceed with job setup, and to carry out the project properly. Changes can be made at any time during the life of the project.

Customer Service
Flexibility and customer communication are important for any facility support project, but are especially essential for jobs like painting, since the work must often be done when your building is unoccupied. We provide flexible hours, weekend rates without premium charges, a customer service phone and/or e-mail line, and a 24-hour paging system. We also provide customer construction savings programs. In addition, per your request, we will network with your safety department to use best practices.

All personnel are pre-screened and trained in LBR safety and training procedures.Quality
To maintain a high quality environment, we conduct daily quality audits and utilize 5S quality procedures. A comprehensive audit is provided once the project is completed.

We also use a standard set-up for each work area so that each team member organizes his or her work area in the same way, with a place for every tool, every sign, and every safety barricade. In this way, jobs can be performed with quality, safety, and efficiency over the course of the project.

Qualified Personnel with Excellent Training
LBR pre-screens, trains and hires qualified personnel, and keeps them motivated with incentives, award programs, benefits, and internal merit-based promotions.

All personnel undergo training at our state-of-the-art training center, learning the use of personal protective equipment, hazardous communication, material use, and accident reporting. Site-specific training, tailored to your facility's safety practices, is an important part of the program. Weekly training sessions follow all orientation programs to keep personnel current and to go over procedures continually. For more detailed information, see our training section.

All LBR personnel are instructed in safety procedures that are essential for painting projects, to ensure the safety of your employees and ours. Our safety procedures and practices include OSHA procedures, checklists, behavioral observation sheets, field activity lists, hot work permits, confined space/tunnel entry procedures, multi-cause analysis, and lead testing. For more detailed information, see our safety section.