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Whether in the front lobby, conference room, cafeteria, or plant, you want to keep your facility's floors looking and performing at their best.

LBR offers long-lasting solutions that keep your floors in top shape. We can extend floor life or give older floors a facelift. We meet OSHA, FDA, and clean room requirements...tough plant floor challenges...lettering and marking needs...and much more. Whatever your requirement, we have a solution.

A Broad Line
Choose from this extensive range of products from LBR:

  • Corrosive-resistant sealers
  • Clear-coat products
  • Color coatings
  • Decorative seamless
  • Chemical-resistant epoxy and moisture care urethanes
  • Heavy-duty overlayments
  • Chlorinated rubber
  • Elastomers and elastomeric polymers
  • Epoxy, elastomeric urethane & silicone joint caulking sealants
  • Methal methaculates
  • Multiple compound epoxies
  • Resurfacing compounds
  • Urethane deck coatings
  • Water-based food grade coatings
  • Penetrating anti-spalling coatings

Consult with us to determine which products to use for your application. For example, our clear-coat products offer durability and an elegant shine. Coatings will resist chemicals or even prevent staining. Sealants keep cracks from forming, and are recommended to minimize the buildup of dust. Investing in one of these flooring solutions can add years to your floor's life while reducing your cleaning costs, resulting in significant overall savings.

LBR Facility Solutions' staff are certified professionals well-trained in the proper application of floor coatings.A Trained, Professional Staff
When you hire LBR, you're hiring certified professionals who are fully trained and experienced in the proper application of floor coatings. All LBR professionals are prescreened before they are hired. After joining our team, they undergo complete training at our state-of-the-art training facility. Well after the hire, we keep every team member motivated with incentives, award programs, and merit-based promotions. See our training section to learn more.

Safety Programs
Instruction in safety is a large part of the training process at LBR. Our staff is instructed in OSHA, protective equipment use, standard accident reporting and hazardous communication procedures. They also learn your facility's safety rules.

Our safety standards include field activity lists, safety task assignment checklists, behavioral observation sheets to ensure that personnel are practicing safety properly, hot work permits, confined space procedures, lead testing, and multi-cause analyses. Refer to our safety section to learn more.