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Business doesn't slow down during staff shortages or expansion projects. So when you need quality help fast, turn to LBR for custom staffing projects. LBR has the skilled professionals you need to get a job done right every time.

LBR's Contract Labor Division has the high quality, professional personnel you need to meet every project need from the stockroom to your assembly line. With creative staffing solutions, you'll receive hand-picked professionals who are ready and willing to meet your needs and the needs of your facility.

Staffing Solutions Tailor-Made for You
LBR supplements its top-quality, customized staffing programs with specialized training, ensuring that you'll get the right people, with the right skills, for any job.

Our staffing programs are made up of highly trained professionals in the fields of pharmaceuticals, food processing, printing, manufacturing, and many other areas. Tell us your needs, and we'll deliver the solution.

Complete Management Solutions
LBR offers a solutions-based management methodology designed to maximize the effectiveness of your in-house resources, while closing any gaps with contract staffing strategies. This methodology optimizes your work flow and adds greater efficiency to your process.

When it comes to managing our personnel and establishing their schedules -- you're the boss. But, LBR also offers management support through an LBR manager who will work with you on-site. The manager will provide you with valuable assistance, overseeing the job to ensure timeliness and quality.

Let Us Find, Hire, and Train the Professionals You Need
When you're running a business, you have enough to keep you busy without having to worry about contract staffing. So LBR takes care of it for you. We'll screen, recruit, and train, as well as provide benefits, general liability, worker's compensation, insurance, accident reporting and timekeeping for as many people as you need. All you have to do is pay for our personnel's time!

LBR's solutions-based management methodology is designed to maximize the effectivenss of your in-hour resources.Assessing Your Needs and Job Set-up
Before contract labor is assigned for any job, LBR meets with you to evaluate your needs and determine how to best meet your requirements. We employ a consistent job setup routine that consists of:

  • Determining the scope of the project
  • Identifying your specific requirements, including any safety requirements
  • Assigning the appropriate people for both staff and management roles
  • Locating the proper materials and/or equipment based on the job
  • Creating a job description
  • Providing specialized training for staff based on the skill requirements of the project
  • Establishing effective communication and reporting procedures between the client and the team
  • Continuing training and performing any necessary follow-up procedures

LBR Facility Solutions has the skilled professionals you need to get a job done right every time.Quality People for Quality Performance
AT LBR, we ensure the integrity of our work by ensuring the integrity of our people. Before hiring, LBR conducts stringent recruiting and screening sessions to make sure that we only choose the highest quality professionals for our team. Potential LBR employees take part in our tele-recruiting screening process, communication level assessment tests, skills assessment and job matching tests, and face-to-face interviews. Only those who meet our standards of excellence are hired.

Who is an LBR employee? We look for and hire motivated, intelligent professionals. We make sure that they stay motivated and dedicated to our team with career advancement opportunities, incentives, and awards programs based on performance. We take all of these steps for one reason -- so that we can pass the benefits of a conscientious, skilled workforce on to you.

Automated Labor Management on the Cutting-Edge
As part of the LBR commitment to quality, we provide the latest automated systems. Our automated tools include:

  • Labor Management Tool -- an exclusively-designed management system schedules and tracks a team for you
  • Tele-Team -- an automated personnel tracking system that keeps records of time and attendance, and provides resources from a trained on-call floater pool when necessary
  • Performance & Evaluating System -- a tool that matches individuals to projects and helps "re-engineer" skill-sets

Training in a Wide Variety of Skills Lets Us Meet a Wide Variety of Needs
LBR provides a wide range of training programs so that we can provide the customized, skill-specific teams for your most challenging needs.

Every member of our staff is required to complete a training orientation program at LBR's headquarters. After successfully completing orientation, staff members move on to specialized training programs based on their areas of expertise and their current skill levels. If you have special needs or concerns at your facility, LBR will also conduct custom training based on your request.

For more information, see our training section.

Safety First
Because no two facilities are alike, we don't stop with just one safety training class. Every time we start a job, the LBR professionals assigned to your team undergo safety training based on your facility's safety procedures. This includes the proper use of personal protective equipment, hazardous communication, proper accident reporting procedures, and proper material use.

Our dedication to the safety of our employees and those around them has earned LBR one of the industry's best safety records. As part of our stringent safety standards and policies, we offer a zero lost time policy and light duty policies. See our safety section to learn more.

Partnering With You to Create a Solution
Get the custom staffing solution you need with LBR. We work with you every step of the way to provide the right people and the right skills to ensure a job well done. LBR meets your needs with flexible hours, including any shift and weekend hours, and a wide range of customer service tools, including a 24-hour paging system, a customer service hotline, and a value analysis program. LBR is your single source for creative staffing solutions.

Call LBR about a contract labor solution today!