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You want your facility to look its best for your customers, your employees, your associates. You need an experienced cleaning company, with a staff that will come in and take command. LBR is ready to help you, with cleaning services that will fulfill your most demanding needs.

Transitional Success
Changing over to LBR is easy with our transition procedures. Our start-up team has a conference with you to determine your requirements, including areas to be cleaned, cleaning techniques, any safety guidelines that must be followed, frequency of cleaning, and much more. Every item is marked off on a checklist to be sure all aspects are covered, both during the transition period and afterward.

Structured Procedures
With our structured procedures and LBR managers overseeing each team, we determine up front what tasks you want done and how, so our team can come in and do a thorough job without your supervision. The team uses standard work schedules and guidelines, customer communications guidelines, quality measurement systems, safety procedures, and checklists that are tailored to your facility's needs.

Your Highly Trained LBR Team
All LBR workers are prescreened before they are hired by our recruiters, and once hired, they undergo rigorous orientation and training. Before they are assigned to your facility, each team member receives site-specific training, and the training continues with weekly meetings. For more on training, see our training section.

Furthermore, you can be sure you are getting motivated, conscientious individuals due to our incentives, award programs, benefits, and internal promotions based on merit.

LBR Facility Solutions maintains quality procedures & programs to ensure that your facility is clean the first time — every time.Communicating With You
Maintaining an excellent customer service relationship with you is essential for your continued satisfaction. That is why we use such tools as communication logs, checklists, cleaning notification cards, summary specifications, and a restroom policing schedule and notification log. We also offer customer service phone and e-mail lines, automated customer assistance, a 24-hour paging system, and partnering meetings.

Constantly on the Job
We prevent absences of personnel with automated personnel tracking. Through this technology, we are informed if a team member fails to report to the site, and we quickly send a trained floater. All personnel from our floater pool are instructed in the use of standard LBR procedures and the procedures of your company.

Quality and Performance
Performing a quality job at your facility is of top importance to you and to us. To do so, we maintain quality procedures and programs including formal quality inspections, audits and surveys, team scheduling work orders, and management reviews. Quality managers check work and evaluate real and perceived results, giving team members action items for continually maintaining and upgrading excellent quality.

Safety First
Our safety record is outstanding in our industry, as a result of our safety procedures, zero lost time policy, and light duty programs. Safety is maintained with a set of safety procedures and accident reporting procedures that include site-specific rules and guidelines for your facility. We also constantly ensure that all rules are being followed by holding weekly refresher sessions, as well as by performing safety audits. Refer to our safety section for more information.